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 * 20-08-04 - N-Connectors, and Pigtail were ordered from FreeNet Antennas 
 * 18-08-04 - Finally after about a year of 'nothingness', things have started to get going again. Surveying LOS with [NodeECF], and plotting coverage maps. Insurance phoned and said that the AP was ready and would be posted out soon!!! 
 * 06-11-03 - Coax & N-Female pannel-mount for Waveguide arrived today! w00t! 
+!! Setup 
+NodeHTP is running a 180 degree 14dBi gain 'slotted downpipe' thanks to Rob @ FreeNet Antennas. Connected to a Linksys WRT54G running OpenWRT... Puts out about 15-15dBm of power (which I want to increase!!!) 28dBm all together. 7.2m Mast with downpipe at the top totaling about 8m (legal limit :P), and, homebrew alluminium weatherproof box... And not to forget the 10 or so meters of POE ethernet cable... 
+It's pointed in NodeECF's direction but on the odd occasion when we can establish a connection it's way too low to communicate... Dissapointing but measures coming soon to rectify the problem. 
 !! Photo's 
 {http://htp.mindstyle.org/antenna_sky.jpg NodeHTP Mast & Antenna} 
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