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 '''Wireless Log Book:''' 
+Tuesday, 23 November 
+New node found. Someone with the SSID of "WLAN" and MAC of "00:30:F1:26:FF:3F" is being picked up by me. At the moment I believe it might be someones house down the road but I'll need to do some stumbling first. 
+Although right now I am still not connected to anything around here, hopefully the message will get around and something will happen. 
 Wednesday, 22 September 
 The node is currently down, as I need the hardware for tomorrow's meetup, although we don't have a time set in stone yet. So it's going to be an interesting day for all, hopefully all goes well! 
 Also I need to remind myself to put a new NConnector onto the coax in the roof, as I lost the pin when soldering *dang*. 
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