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+> This Template is an example layout for your node entry. It was created to encourage you to add some content to your page and also, to showcase some of the wiki features at your disposal.%%% 
+To use it as a basis for your page just click on the (/wiki/?edit=NodeTemplate &lbrac;Edit Text&rbrac;) button (found at the bottom left) then copy the contents to your nodes WikiHomePage.  Your pages name will be in the form of NodeXXX (where XXX are the identifying letters of your node) and is probably the page you used to get here (when you clicked '''Create this page'''). The markup features of this wiki are available under TextFormattingRules 
+> You are free to change the layout of your page, it does not have to conform to this example although it's a very good starting point. especially the Node Map entry. So, go for it, tell us about your plans... 
+>>> '''Do not''' save ''this'' page. This is a '''TEMPLATE'''. Copy the relavant code using the (/wiki/?edit=NodeTemplate &lbrac;Edit Text&rbrac;) button (found at the bottom left) and paste them in your node wiki page (hit back, then edittext and paste) 
+|| {http://melbournewireless.org.au/nodes/map?id=AAA http://melbournewireless.org.au/nodes/view?id=AAA Node AAA} || '''Owner''':  <(/users/?your_username your_username)>%%% %%%'''Location''': , %%% %%% '''Status''':%%% eg: Linked to  , covering local area from to using <[Antenna]>%%% %%% '''SSID:''' <[SSID]>%%% %%% '''Connecting...'''%%% Set your SSID to __nodexxx.wireless.org.au__ and contact (/users/?your_username your_username) for more information. || 
+!! Node Log 
+DD/MM/YY - Did something to the node 
+DD/MM/YY - First Entry 
+!! Equipment 
+I currently own  
+I run  
+{http://www.melbournewireless.org.au/files/Images/picture.png Photo of node setup} 
+!! Services 
+Elaborate on services seen on the (/maps/view?id=XXX maps page) (replace XXX with  your node id). The node must be in __testing or operational__ to be listed 
+!! Plans 
+I intend to buy  
+I intend to link up to  
+I intend to make one of [Antenna these] 
+!! Problems 
+I don't have any cash 
+I am surrounded by trees 
+I need info on [FAQ what to purchase and how to set it up]. 
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