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Funky cross platform routing services.

Runs on almost any POSIX compliant machine.

The External linkZebra project has forked, with External linkQuagga being the newer branch. The stated External linkgoal being to "build a more involved community around Quagga than the current centralised model of GNU Zebra."

Install notes to build from source

For External linkZebra download the External linklatest version


For External linkQuagga download the External linklatest version. This is currently the preferred version.

tar zxvf <latest-version>.tar.gz 
cd <latest-version>
./configure && make && make check && make install

And it's all done :)

Have a play with the config file at /usr/local/etc/zebra.conf

You will also want to make it start at boot time.

Find a spot where you can put commands to be executed at boot time (generally /etc/rc.local or something similar).

Add: '/usr/local/sbin/zebra -d -p xxxx' (xxxx being whatever TCP port you want to run it on)

Available Binaries

Check the package list for your distribution or visit

External linkQuagga packages for Debian, RedHat and Gentoo

External linkZebra appears to have source packages only

Sample Configs

Generic Configs by DanFlett: GenericOSPFConfig

Configs by RogerVenning: ConfigsZebraOspfd

Configs by BrendanHiley: ConfigsOpenbsdZebra -- ProFX (Brendan Hiley)

CIA: ConfigsCIAZebra

CBD: ConfigsCBDZebra

FPY: ConfigsFPYZebra

Additional How Tos

I've got some zebra config stuff too:

External linkConsume How To -- Jasper Wallace

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