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Melbourne Wireless Committee meeting

Thursday, 16 May 2002



Meeting opened at 20:30

Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting (David Gason's notes) are determined to be true and correct.

Bank Account and Signatories

A "Westpac Society Account" should be opened. The account is to operate in the manner set forth in the "Associations Incorporation Act (1981)" (amended in July 1998). For us this means that there will be 3 signatories, of which 2 must sign any cheque. The 3 signatories will be Steven Haigh, Tyson Clugg, and David Gason.

The Incredible Bulk (TIB) : handling of monies

Melbourne Wireless will run "The Incredible Bulk" (hereby referred to as TIB) as a service to its members, but will operate TIB as a messaging and collaboration facility only at this stage.

Adoption of \"Model Rules for an Incorporated Association\"

The committee has decided that the rules should be adopted, and this motion should be put to members at the next general meeting (14th June 2002). If passed, the association should be formed before the end of financial year (30th June 2002).

National Wireless Forum

A "Task Group" should be formed to create a web site that will eventually become www.wireless.org.au. The current site will move to melbourne.wireless.org.au at a future date to facilitate this notion.

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