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What's Brewing in Simons' Kitchen

Wouldn't we all like to know? While waiting on my WNICs and Pigtails from Ryan
I am pondering about the loss dilemma we have with long runs of LMR 400.

Current Project

My current project it to get an access point working, but a very special one here are the constraints:

- Not more than 1 meter from the antenna

- Remotely managble

- Be homebrew (no cheating with hacked ap's)

- Cheap

- Small

How do I achieve this... I have a few Ideas in the pipeline.

Idea 1: Compaq Contura Aero AP

My initial idea was to build an AP out of a Compaq Contura Aero. However the specs of that subnotebook although good and there is a lot about them on the web with regard to installing *nix was excellent. However it only has 1 PC slot. I have scrapped that idea.

Idea 2: Gut a Broken Notebook Approach AP

I am now in the process of working around the idea of using the guts of a notebook with a broken screen and putting it into a weather proof enclosure.

Stay Tuned

If anyone has a notebook with the following specs and is willing to part with it please let me know.


- Broken Screen

- Fdd Drive

- P100 cpu

- 16 Mb RAM

- 500 Mb Hdd

- all ports working (SVGA,Serial,PCMCIA slots x2)

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