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Node DJJ Wifi Server Silverstone...

Hardware: Pentium-III 700MHz, Abit BE6-II motherboard, 512MB RAM, 20GB hard disk, TNT2 32MB graphics, 2x100Base NICs, Compaq WL200 PCI wifi card, Enterasys PCMCIA wifi card, black windowed case.

Modifications: Silenced CPU and PSU fans, small case-mounted LCD screen to display vitals while monitor is off.

Operating System: Mandrake Linux 9.0

- - - -

Linux installation procedure: Thought I might document this, so I don't need to do so much work next time, and incase other people need something to follow. If you find any mistakes or an easier way to do things, please leave a note!

* Install OS
* Recompile kernel - disable PCMCIA support, ensure wireless support is on.
* Install pcmcia_cs/hostap/orinoco_cs - extract source files for pcmcia_cs; extract hostap files; copy files from hostap "driver" directory to pcmcia_cs root directory; extract orinoco_cs files; copy *.c and *.h files into pcmcia_cs wireless directory; follow normal pcmcia_cs instructions for install; add config settings to /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts (note: WL200 MACs begin with 00:50:8B, and Enterasys' with 00:E0:63); edit /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia to look like:

PCIC_OPTS="extra_sockets=1 irq_mode=1"

* allow pings - add to rc.local: echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all
* allow remote access - add local machines to /etc/hosts.allow eg.


* DHCP server - install dhcp_common RPM from CD1, dhcp_server RPM from CD2; update /etc/dhcpd.conf with settings.
* LCD display - install lcdproc. Now what a PITA this was. It continually crashed, apparently as it started reading the /etc/LCDd.conf config file. Quick fix: delete config file, specify driver to use on command line (for me this is LCDd -d HD44780) and edit source for the driver so the defaults match the system.
* Temperature display - I like knowing that everything is running well. LCDsensors is a perl script that uses lm_sensors to display temps on the LCD. Very cool! Also using lcdproc's default client to show typical mem usage and uptime info (you wouldn't believe it - perl scripts crash v0.4.3 of lcdproc. Now running v0.4.4rc and all seems well.)
* FreeSWAN for IPsec tunnels with Windows clients - this gets it's own wiki page here because of the amount of explination required.

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