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NodeKFG is (almost) here.

Node KFG Owner: <Thingo>

Location: <street>, <UFTG>

eg: Linked to <GUR>, covering local area from <pointX> to <pointY> using <Antenna>

SSID: <[kfg.melbournewireless.org.au"]>

Set your SSID to nodeKFG.wireless.org.au and contact Thingo for more information.

IP Allocation for KFG panel

IP Allocation List (Until formalised links are worked out)

Allocate yourself an address and update this table.

(KFG interface 2.4Ghz - Usable range .22 to .30)
IP AddressNodeStatusRouting Signal Received Noise Level IntFull OSPF-74-102 IntFull OSPF-74-102

Use the subnet mask of and gateway of

Node Log

Fri 6 nov 2009
  Scheduled power outage, thanks to electricity company for maintenance. 08:30 to 15:30.

Thur 8 oct 2009
  I now cannot see other nodes -- maybe my final tightening of the bottom mounting point threw out the orientation? (We now await developments breathlessly.)

Wed 7 oct 2009
  I aligned the uplink antenna to GUR as precisely as we could.

Sat 3 oct 2009
  GUR (mainly) and I assembled the physical bits and pieces, particularly the firm mounting points for the mast. GUR had already done work on the software configuration.

Fri 2 oct 2009
  mast kindly delivered from Westy's

Sat 26 sep 2009
  GUR, 'melb_ap', assisted with a physical survey, and selective radio direction finding for his node.

Sat 1 aug 2009
  JQD, 'Redwall', conducted a radio survey from my site.


Uplink to GUR:
5GHz parabolic antenna, vertically polarised.

2.4GHz plate antenna.

I currently own <equipment>
I run <OS>
Photo of node setup


Elaborate on services seen on the maps page


I'd like to link up with someone to get a signal down to the flood retarding basin on Ferny Creek.


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