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Mucking around with wireless.
Using it extensivly for work (Netadmin).

background in signals and electronics, I am experimenting right now.
I have line of sight east-south-east to the dandenongs from home, and east (10km) from work... so hoping to get some links happening soon.

contact me via madded-to-stop-spamichael@wradded-to-stop-spamidgways.com.au

17 Janurary 2007 - Update: Obtained 2x 24dB ex-Galaxy Dishes (thanks Jarrod). Ordered my Coax. In the process of scrapping my Yagi design and finding a way to convince the wife. Establish NLOS to GHO using "Radio Mobile" (excellent tool! Love it!) Hoping to have an idea of connetivity once the dipole built. Coax due tomorrow.
19 Janurary 2007 - Update. Finished building dipole, with slight mods.
Basic testing with netstumbler showing good results. Still not sure if good enough to get GHO... but once the rain stops I'll find out.
Using SVEC (old) unit with dodgy cabling/wiring so see what happens.
Configured for Client with GHO-South, now I need to put it up on the pole and see what flys. Oh yea, and will greatly recommend using City Technology (in Maffra, near Sale) for cable purchases - they shipped next day to me 3Meters of cable.. Nice!

20 Janurary 2007 - Mounted on the roof (just before the rain came); Turned it on; No signal!
Bugger - seems that GHO is hidden behind a rise.. and I can get to it.
Loading Radio Mobile proved that point (should have checked before).
Set unit up as a AP with ssid:JQK, and readjusted to point to 115oMagnetic. I want to do some distance tests with my notebook. Netstumbler shows that the lobes are exactly what I would expect.. lets see what happens now - maybe I can still connect to one of my offices?! Fingers Crossed.

7 Feburary 2007 - Dish been redirected to point to Ferntree Gully.
I am wanting to test and see if signal can pass that way (towards the footy oval - maybe I can route through a building I am aware of)
I have applied for an IP Block, but have left on WPA for now whilst I dig around my kit for another network card for my unix host, and set the firewall up.
Frustrated by not being able to find a host I can hunt to - even with this massive 25dB dish on my roof. I believe that ILC is close to me, so I will have a look at NLOS to there (thanks Peter for pointing that out).
Have now got a whole heap of pcmcia cards that I am butchering to set up a scanning card. Success today getting a Belkin F5D6020V2 card on my XP to work - seems that these have an RTL8010L chipset in them (trick if you haven't the drivers - download the rtl8010.bin and rename it to bel6020.sys to install).
Also trying a WAP54G (bricked - if I can get it going, it will be the next host), and a couple of 802.11b cards with SMA connectors..

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