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Welcome to Jarrod Neven's Node JNX

This node is running and has a number of clients (see map). Picture to be uploaded one day.

Content sharing

Alot of people are interested in sharing their content (downloads) via the wifi network. The method used is no very user friendly so the uptake is a little low.

What's wrong with FTP?

Currently most people have setup up FTP server in an effort to share files on the network. It has several positive aspects:

But is has some large disadvantages also:


Bit torrent

Bit torrent is great for the internet, but most of its advantages are lost for in a wifi network like that of Melbourne wireless. The biggest disadvantage of bit torrent is the need to download the torrent file

  1. This means a central web server / repository will need to list all seed files available on the network. Where should this live?
  2. Users will have to create a new seed file and upload it to the central repository each time a new file is added to their share (assuming is it not already on the network)
  3. As old files are deleted then central repository will need to be kept up to date.

Gnutella / LimeWire

is not an option as it uses TCP/IP broadcasts to join the network.
This will be fine for use within one subnet. To connect users outside
of the subnet will require routing rules to be followed by all devices
between the users. This is not something that is easily achieved in a
community network.



What is open Nap?

Originally, Napster was a distributed file sharing service which allowed users to transfer files directly between their clients for free. A centralized server kept track of all available files and provided clients the ability to search the index of available files. In addition, instant messages (private chat) and group chat services similar to IRC were also provided.

OpenNap is a free Open Source effort to create a version of the proprietary Napster server.




OSPF on Microsoft Windows

How do you setup OSFP routing to run on Windows. There is alot of help on setting up OSPF for linux, but very about OSPF on Windows 2000 or XP. The Microsoft support site has alot of technical information but for a newbee like me, it is as clear as mud.

MS OSPF links

Here are a few likes that might make life abit easier:

External linkVery basic introduction

External linkAndrew Griffiths Windows OSPF implementation

External link Microsoft help site Eck!

PCMCIA to PCI converter

Also know as PCMCIA to PCI cradle or just a PCMCIA cradle. If you have a PCMCIA wifi card and withi to plug it into you PC, this is what you will need. Here are some local links:

This information is now old :(

External linkSingle from Techtopia for $77
External linkDual form Techtopia for $107
External linkSingle from EAA If you know the price, let me know!
External linkSingle from Oz Online for $89

and have a look on Ebay as well.

If you know any more, please let me know.


If you are interested in home automation and embedded controllers check out my xPL project site External linkHere

I am also a regular member of the Melbourne - Geelong paintball field -Extreme indoor paintball. External linkHere

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