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Well my wireless gear went up a couple of notches. I now have a lovely LinkSys WRT54GS A/P and a LinkSys Wireless Print Server. I am going to strip the crap wireless card out of my server and re-build it with a more modern Linux distro.

I love the WRT54GS! VERY easy to set up and unless I REALLY require some funky stuff I will be sticking with the stock firmware.

Now all i need is a second AP and a Mast/Antenna and uplink here I come!


I now have an operational wireless network for home! YAY!
Note to others: Be careful with Realtek based wireless cards, unless you are willing to use an older Linux kernel with Redhat 9 DONT GET ONE OF THESE!! :)

With that, I have current got the Excel 802.11b card (Realtek 8180 chipset based) acting as an AP with no amplification etc and can connect to it with a very good connection from across the street (about 20 meters) I am going to try to connect from the park across the road a bit aswell :)

Now it is into the fun stuff. I will get another couple of cards, a mast, and two antenna's (an omni and directional one) and see what comes with that.

No ADSL in my estate so I am stuck with an ISDN connection, but it beats the HELL out of a 56k dial-up.


Been in the house for 2 weeks now and that fun stuff I was talking about has started. Still heaps to do though.


Well I now have brick walls, a roof, the plumbing in and the windows on.

Only 10-11 weeks to go, then the fun REALLY starts :)

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