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Node GUV NodeGUV currently consists of a Entrasys/Cabletron Roamabout 802.11b card in a pc within my home in Mt. Martha, serving the services seen on the node page in addition to a WRT54G(GUV.melbournewireless.org.au) and a DWL 900+(dlink.GUV.wireless.org.au). There are a couple of laptop clients floating about in addition to this. Routing is something that I'm working on at the moment, just perfecting the software side of things before throwing gear on the roof. Check out my External linkLAN visio.

Currently broadcasting in IBSS over a small radius using an omni I made! Range of about 100m as the signal is getting ripped to shreds as it journeys through brick, trees and fences from the antenna located inside the house. Similarly, BSS from the WRT54G & Dlink units using stock antenna currently probably won't reach that far. -- although the Dlink picks up an AP over 6km away!

Set your SSID to GUV.melbournewireless.org.au or dlink.GUV.wireless.org.au and contact Tom Fifield for more information.


A major problem currently is getting on my all-too-high roof, if you have a very long ladder I would like to Hear from you!



Took some piccys for you all . . .

These were taken from the first storey of the house -- it just is _not_ possible to get on the second. (Please prove me wrong!)

I have

Detected APs

xnet - Mornington
walpolenet - 6 - 00:13:46:51:97:95
Cullen - 6 - 00:11:95:76:69:D6

Node log

14/06/05 - New server, yay
07/06/05 - Have been in communication with all nodes in the area in recent days. Positive responses on the whole -- could get some green lines happening soon!
My original WRT unit has moved up to ISD in Melbourne, so a new one was purchased and is at home nicely.
I noticed today that the DLINK AP is (consistently) picking up Xnet in mornington with the stock antenna! amazing stuff. I can't believe it.
I've made an enclosure for the dlink, and it is currently mounted on the mast, with the 15 grid. Although inside the house :) Looking to fix that soon!
27/12/04 - toby gave me all this cool gear to play with! Sent an email to GXU, still waiting to hear back ... where are you Quinn?!
26/11/04 - Got Quagga/Zebra running on mtmartha, looking at openvpn for it now. Kismet is still being rather annoying. In other news, I've purchased a 1.8m hockey-stick style mast for mounting in the near future. Looks stunning with both dishes on it :) (photos to follow, after I get my workstation running again). Thinking about getting an enclosure for the Linksys, and doign some PoE hacking. Also found a drainpipe lying around that looks like it want's to become a waveguide.
25/11/04 - Took some photos
24/11/04 - Tinkering, Tinkering as always ... damn near fell off the roof trying to get the tv antenna (+mast) down to see if I could throw a grid up there as a temporary measure - I certainly can't do it alone. This roof is a bitch! I can't quite reach anything of use (i.e. that bit of wood under the gutter used for mounting stuff to ;) ) Might take some photo tommorrow or something. In other news, there appears to be a new (belkin54g) AP down the road . . . wohoo! I've thought of perhaps moving some gear down to the lifesaving club for the summer; email on the beach mmm. At least there I can get on the roof easily!
8/11/04 - Damn I love bargains! Have just purchased another Enterasys Card with Pigtail from TroyMitchell for $20, who was kind enough to throw in an unmodified 15dBi Galaxy for free! Going to have fun with that after my final exam on Wednesday.
17/10/04 - progress halting while exams are going on
29/09/04 - Cable is here today - I have everything ready to setup the node.
28/9/04 - Today have recieved a WRT54G, which I purchased off eBay, cable should be here within days - It's good to have some extra gear to play with. I guess I now have to look at getting a pigtail for this baby. Money, money, money.
7/9/04 - The Cable should be here some time next week (thanks vak!). Quinn sent me an email asking about a link - when I get the cable, will take a look at that. Friend James, of HIQ has also expressed interest in a link, as I'm about the only area he has LoS to. Things are happening! Oh, I still haven't managed to get Quagga running yet -- laugh at me .. think I might settle for a binary.
24/08/04 - Have just stumbled onto Xnet (EBB) while looking for HZL. That's 6.28KM with a peak SNR of 34, average 30 according to Enterasys client utility!
3/08/04 - 25Db grid arrived today! Waiting on some cable from vak currently. With NodeFOB having attached a new 14db waveguide pointed down this way, who knows what could happen :) After driving past NodeGXU twice nearly every day since it's been up, I'm not liking the trees surrounding it. Openmosix continues to run fine, and bind is working impeccably for SPFM.local.
29/07/04 - Node is once again operational : running 2.4.22-openmosix-r11, currently in a 3 node cluster!! I'm having a few issues trying to compile Quagga/Zebra, but it's coming along - kismet is working fine, as is lmsensors. I was looking at getting my Logitech Quickcam hooked up to this, but ... we'll see.
24/07/04 - Have temporarily shutdown the wireless - Its moving to a new box, running Gentoo and OSPF routing when I get it running. Previously it was an XP Network bridge.
23/07/04 - Made enquiries about a 24dBi Grid from a couple of vendors.
20/07/04 - Sent an email to HZL to see what status is.
07/07/04 - Homemade Omni put into operation - with good results.
05/07/04 - Start making CoaxCollinear

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