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Node GPR Owner: Deviant

Location: Reservoir

Status: Down for upgrade (as of 20/5/07)

SSID: gpr.wireless.org.au

Set your SSID to gpr.wireless.org.au and contact me for more information.

Node Log

5/6/07 - Looks like it'll have to be a bigger enclosure. I'm including a v2 WRT54G that I've had lying around, so that will bring the node up to a total of four radios - one AP, and three clients. Should give me lots of flexibility for future endeavours.

22/5/07 - I pulled everything down from the roof on Sunday because the WRT was starting to get unstable, possibly due to the 5V supply sagging (its a v1.0 unit). Plus it's about time for an upgrade anyway.

I'm putting up a WRAP 1-1 and keeping the CB3 which has been a flawless performer. The only dilemma is whether to put it all in the current enclosure, or go a bigger enclosure to allow for future expansion.

10/7/05 - Back up on the roof today, switched the dish to horizontal and without too much trouble managed to get a link to GHO. Still testing things out and checking out what's available at the moment, but I'm wrapped to be on the main network! Link seems fairly stable for a 30km hop, packet loss seems to run at about 5%.

3/7/05 - Finally made it up onto the roof again to scan the surrounds. Too many arms required when trying to hold a laptop and point a 24dBi grid, so I bolted the grid to the mast in vertical polarisation and tried my best. Found the mobile interface at GHO, but was unable to get a link. Also got a faint signal from HVC but was again unable to link.

Will try again next weekend, switching the dish to horizontal pol. and attempting to link to GHO's Northern interface.

15/1/05 - Top marks to the Senao CB3, this thing hasn't even flinched over the past 3 months. The WRT54G has also proven to be a great performer, today clocking up 90 days uptime! Through the 38 degree heat, lightning, wind and rain, both units have held up extremely well.

I've fixed the stats page and moved the node's homepage onto the WRT, both are accessable via wireless at External linkhttp:// and via the Internet at External linkhttp://wrt54g.kicks-ass.net. The radio on the WRT still isn't in use however, mainly because of my very limited options! Node HVC is my only hope but the connection would be marginal at best. I'm working on a solution...

23/10/04 - Wasn't happy with the D-Link (going to put it at NodeEIG instead ;)) so have gone with a Senao AP instead. Looks to be a solid unit so far, though its only been there a week. WRT54G has also been installed. Now the fun begins!

29/6/04 - RIP one SVEC AP. Died during the storms we got through here about two weeks ago. I've got a D-Link 900AP+ to replace it though, which is more than adequate. 900+ and amp are in final testing, just need to know everything won't get too hot in the one sealed enclosure. Might have to move the voltage regulator to it's own box.

7/6/04: Next steps... Planning a hardware upgrade. Currently there is only an SVEC AP, so I'm adding an amp to boost the signal, and a WRT54G in client mode to link up to another Melbourne Wireless node.

5/4/04: Up and running! The node was switched on permanently today, though I'm still trialing the whole setup out. NodeDJJ is permanently linked and provides DHCP services to anyone that connects to GPR.

Anyone in the northern suburbs, get out there and stumble! It should be easy to pickup even with a cantenna if you've got good LOS and are within a few clicks.

ESSID: gpr.wireless.org.au
MAC: 00:40:F4:80:B3:8B
Channel: 9

4/4/04: NodeGPR going online! Installation of a 10dBi omni and an SVEC AP went through without a hitch today. AP will be permanently turned on some time this week, as soon as some cabling issues are sorted out.

Managed to grab a signal with 24db SNR from NodeDJJ, so it seems like it will work nicely.



DNS ( primary, secondary), DHCP (pool is, Node Web server (, IRC (


The view from node GPR is fantastic. Due South is the only direction you can't see for 10+ kilometres. Reservoir, Thomastown, Lalor, Mill Park, Bundoora, Ivanhoe, Cragieburn and Broadmeadows are all visible from the rooftop.


Getting people in the area linked in to the MW network.


Getting access to the roof, since it's not my house!

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