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5th September 2003

I guess I could say that I am operational now but only in a very limited way. I have a link to a neighbour about 50m away that we use to share my Internet connection. Using a Cisco 1200 AP with a Cisco 5dbi Omni at my end with my friend using a Belkin 802.11g PCI card with a home made Cantenna.

Currently deciding on what sort of Omni I want to build on the roof of the house for inbound connections. Currently thinking waveguide or something commercial from Pacific Sattelite.

Since my last update there are a lot of operational nodes including backbone connected nodes showing up very close. Next week I want to get up on the roof and wave a directional antenna around to see who I can see.

4th June 2003

Finally moved into the new house. Doing network cabling now and getting ADSL installed so should be ready to start testing soon. Yipee!

8th April 2003

So it seems that my house will be ready sooner than expected. I am moving in on 30th May, 2003. I hope to have my study set up within the first few weeks so that I can move to testing phase. It looks like there are a fair number of nodes coming up near me so I should have lots to connect to.

The only problem that I can see is that there is currently no broadband available at the Heath. No ADSL or cable! This will need some work.

December 2002:

I am currently building a house at the new Heath Estate in Heatherton. Due to be finished in June 2003. Shortly after this I will be putting up the mast and connecting first to a friend of mine who will be living 2 houses away and secondly into as much of Melbourne Wireless as possible.

I am thinking a high gain omni-direction for the inbounds and a number of directional antennae for outbound links.

If anyone else has similar time frames I would love to hear from them with a view to planning out our little neck of the network.

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