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Your questions about how the Melbourne Wireless network functions belong here. If your question is not here, try looking through all of the questions which are listed on TheEvolvingFAQ.

What's the difference between an Access Point and a PC Card?

Broadly speaking:

Narrowing that statement down a bit.
A PC Card, either PCI or PCMCIA requires a PC to manage the hardware interfacing along with software drivers (sometimes firmware) to talk to that interface and OS.
An access point attempts to be an all in one package that will manage any traffic that it sees, independently of any PC style computer. It will have its own onboard processor, ram and firmware but usually (in our price range) only just enough to do the job. It may also offer limited services such as DHCP or firewalling.

Which is better, an Access point or a PC Card?


Like everything else in life, it depends on other factors. Keep researching though as the more information you have the closer you'll get to the answer, for your situation.

So, how do we all talk to each other on this network ?

Being a Networking FAQ the answer to that would be TCP/IP, the same glue that the Internet" uses. Those same protocols (http,ftp,ssh...) work for us as nothing has changed at that level.
There are a couple of low level issues that are specific to wireless traffic but on the whole, what we have works quite well.

I've got other equipment using the 2.4GHz range, how does 802.11b handle this ?

Eg. cordless telephone / old microwave oven / bluetooth camera / HomeRF setup / RF lighting solution / etc.

That depends on the specific situation, however at least for microwave ovens if it effects your signal AT ALL then either you have power issues (and should get them looked at) or you oven is leaking (in which case it a health hazard and should be removed ASAP).

Why arent we using IPv6?

Because not all the equipment we wish to support will run it.

I've got more questions on how 802.11b works ... lots more questions

Why not come to our next meeting (Or even a Regional Group meeting if appropriate), and people there will be happy to answer questions and do demonstrations.

I can't get to the next meeting, and it's not that many questions.

Ask your questions over at FAQYourAdditions.

Add your query to FAQYourAdditions where someone will answer it, and if it's suitable for inclusion here, also moderate or reformat as appropriate.
The response, although sent to the mailing list, may not be as quick as a direct question to the list so be prepared for a wait.
At the bottom of that page is a link to subscribe to it, follow the instructions and you'll be notified of any changes, but you will need to register an account and login before you ask your question or subscribe.

Can't find the answers to your questions?
Try looking through all of the questions listed on TheEvolvingFAQ. If you still can't find answers, ask your questions here.

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