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Importing anything from overseas (OS) can be a pain in the backside.

It gets to Australia and more often than not, customs picks it up, whacks all sorts of charges on it, and wont let you pick it up till you pay them.

This is a space for us to fill in the rules as we learn them.

Basic Procedure

For goods Under $1000 AU

  1. make sure you have an invoice.
  2. make sure you have proof of payment (ie; receipt).
  3. for goods under $1000 this, with the 'first notice' you receive in the mail, should be all you need.
You will get a notice (mine was Express Mail) from the Airmail transit center. Take it and all you're other 'evidence' along, there might be a bit of a wait, but it shouldn't be that painful.

You will pay GST on the total value of the Invoice. You may also be charged Duty depending on the item. GST will also be exempt on some items.
(will update when I get details-20020522 tm)

For goods Over $1000 AU

  1. Follow the same points as above.
  2. Call a Customs Broker. External linkFind one near you.

A Customs broker will charge you anywhere between $70-$???. Its worth the cost if the items are even just over $1000.

By all means check out the customs clearance forms, If you have the right information at hand, you may be able to complete it yourself. I was pointed to External linkthis form. I'm not sure if it's the general form, there are External linkothers available that may be more suitable.
Reading through the External linkAustralian Customs site can be pretty helpful too.


More to come..2

I am a long term member of the group but have been quiet for a few years as I am in shanghai as a marketing consultant.

I am happy to talk to people about collaborating from the China end in quality check, sourcing and shipping to someone in OZ , Kym


Please feel free to add your experiences, thoughts or comments. tm


James Healy (hmm... dunno if I'd call what I wrote 'contributing' troy...)

Troy Mitchell

Kym Michael


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