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 Are you thinking of a box being Master on one network and a client on another? Because it is using UDP the communication is connectionless so multiple instances can share a port. Looking in the source the master thread listens on the port and the clients write to the specified port/IP Address of the master. So you caould get away with not changing the port except if you have two master instances on the same machine. The client does not open the specified port ratehr a random port is opened but it writes to the specified port on the master. The master will return messages to the originating IP Address and port.  --[dna] 
 I'm going to continue this discussion and outline how I want it to work on [MWRPFrottleDevDiscussion].  I've worked out that every instance of Frottle using port 999 will work just fine because I want each instance of Frottle to operate on a separate network interface - so there should never be a clash.  Our big problem currently is the limitations of the IPTables QUEUE target - apparently you can't have a separately controllable QUEUE for each network interface in the one box.  The IPTables MARK target may solve this issue, but Frottle would probably need to be modified to take advantage of it.  I need to read up more on the QUEUE and MARK targets to see what they are capable of.  --DanFlett 
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