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A waveguide is a horizontally polarised omni antenna, typically being either 180 degrees, or 360 degrees.

They are available commercially, but are rather expensive.

Rob Clark and Trevor Marshall antennas side by side

External linkTrevor Marshall has a External linkweb page describing the design of the waveguide, and the theory behind their operation.

A number of people have had waveguides External linkmanufactured out of aluminium, but the materials are still rather expensive.

External linkRob Clark came up with the bright idea of using commonly available downpipe to make waveguides.

External linkMarcus took the idea one step further, constructing a couple of 8-slot 180-degree waveguides, and External linktesting them thouroughly to determine the performance.

The External linktest results show the downpipe waveguide has a gain of approximately 16-18dBi, with the azimuth plots matching Trevor's theoreticaly plots almost exactly.

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